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 I bought this for a costume. It's a very nice, classy ascot!

Whitney Nelson






























 This is a terrific ascot---I'm always wearing it.
Goes great with *any* color shirt.

Whitney Nelson

  Mens Ascot Tie  mens ascot tie

  Ascot ties make you look high class without the high price

Dear Friend, you've made a wise decision to invest in an exquisite piece of European tailoring. Make no mistake, you're about to venture into an elite class of distinguished gentlemen. For centuries, Ascot ties, also known as a cravat have been gracing the necks of men ranging from high profile celebrities and athletes, political and royal dignitaries to the every day man who has a flair for exceptional taste in fashion and design. Ascots even have a distinguished history in the military ranks. By just wearing them, you give off an air of nobility and dignity. Don't wait for a wedding to reward yourself with female stares and pointing. Now you can have that whenever you want. Those that already wear them know the stylish power they possess. Don't sit on the fence any longer. Join the crowd. Get yours today.

"Why should I care about an ascot, what's in it for me" you maybe wondering. Well, in this hustle world, we tend to get pushed aside in the minds of other people. They may make eye contact with you, but their interest is far away. You don't want that if it's vital that you gain your audience's attention. Whether you're trying to connect with a lady or trying to impress your boss or client. An ascot will give you the edge you want and need above your peers.

The ascot is the father of the necktie. It's the cherry of menswear. As far back as the middle ages, you can see pictures of men from all walks of life wearing ascots for every occasion imagineable. You may be of the group who never knew the actual name, but fell captive to their look of sophistication and style; yet, were too self conscious to ask the wearer for the place they purchased this elegant show of fashion because you felt it would have put you at a disadvantage. But now you can get this awesome fashion for men without having to compromise your status.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous, May 3, 2012 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) 
This review is from: Vesuvio Napoli ASCOT Solid BLACK Color Cravat Men's Neck Tie (Apparel) 
We bought this for our wedding. The ascot is a deep black color with a quiet sheen; lovely craftsmanship. It proved to be a great deal, and it arrived swiftly. It went very well with his suit. A complete success! 

Benefits of Shopping With Amazon For Your Ascot Or Cravat Tie

*Best: You get to match your shirt or suit with the item in front of the high def picture; so no more pressure or guessing if the color fits your outfit.
Less time and gas wasted returning an item with funny looks from the sales person.
You can get an opinion from a trusted family member or friend rather than from someone hired to sell you something.
Depending on your state, you have no or deferred tax on items.
Avoid crowds and picked over product.
You don't have to just buy something because it's the closest to what you really want. you have an array of styles and colors in inventory to choose from that are equally nice.


Guys, don't fool yourselves. This next paragraph does in fact happen: 

Maybe you're a woman who recognizes fine Italian artisan and wants your man to look as debonair as the one wearing a quality neck piece as this. But, you don't want him to become jealous by you asking him to take fashion tips from another clearly "in the know" man when it comes to making a memorable impression. In either case, you've found the place to buy this one of kind item. Whether your man is a ruff neck, thug, works on an oil rig, a CEO of a large corporation or a professor in academia, he will attract the attention of both men and women from all walks of life when he dons one of these attention getting show pieces.

Women will know you're a man who appreciates and complements his companion and men will acknowledge you have what it takes to attract the best women. 

Women are extremely fashion conscious. Even the slightest shortcomings in your dress appearance will have her texting her girlfriends about the promising guy she came across but....In reviewing a man, she looks at him from head to toe. Adding an ascot to your dress or casual attire will definitely get and keep her attention. Custom ties are a sure way to do it.


Why are Ascot ties so desirable...

Because they look great and allow you to speak volumes about yourself without saying a word. 

They're a cultural fashion icon

Ascots are so attractive that even women wear them to complement their own wardrobe. They come in so many different colors. This site makes it easy to find many to fit your existing wardrobe. They come in bold, bright, soft, and patterned colors. you will definitely make a statement by adding this simple, yet, important piece to your dress code. We have prices that will suit your every need. Buy one of each color and watch what a difference it makes. The great thing about them is their ease of tying. You almost have to be an expert in order to tie the traditional necktie. The Ascot is as easy to tie as your shoe laces. it's almost impossible to mess it up. Just a few loops and your done and looking fabulous.


Or you can just go with the snap on variety. They look just as good.

Ascot ties carry a distinguished reputation for being the neck wear of suave men that live life to the fullest. In giving a review of men's ascot ties, the first thing you'll notice is the luxurious silk fabric of the finer ones. It adds that extra quality to any tuxedo or dress and casual shirt. Ascots are wider than the basic tie. It covers the bulk of the chest area. That is why they come in such eye capturing colors. They are neck wear of the highest order. If you're curious as to where to buy Ascot ties, be assured you'll have some difficulty locating a quality ascot in your local clothing shops.


Don't be intimidated by this luxurious neck tie. It comes ready to be tied by the experienced or can be hooked in the back for those who prefer it quick and easy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect, June 2, 2011 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) 
This review is from: Target Circle Silk Printed Ascot (Apparel) 
Exactly what I expected. I own several ascots and this by far is one of the best I have purchased


Ascots are mostly found in rental shops or specialty boutiques. Their old world styling that defines superior quality of today causes establishments to place a premium price tag on them. You can get them here at a great value. You can now have the look of high society without the inflated prices. These high quality ascots are affordable for all income scales. Attention to detail is given to every one regardless of the price. Only you will know what you really paid.

 Ascot Ties Fit Every Occasion

They're as functional as dress up pieces or casual as a scarf without the bulk. Men's Ascot ties are designed to capture attention from across the room. Rather than just come into a room, you make an entrance that forces heads to turn and mind's of women and men alike will wonder who is this intriguing man of mystery. Those that come after you will assume you are the guest of honor for the engagement.

5.0 out of 5 stars Elegant, March 3, 2012 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) 
This is a high quality, elegant and aesthetic ascot that works wonderfully with a vest. I wish I had purchased more (I bought five).

 They give you an air of sophistication that's unmatched by a traditional neck or bow tie. However, Ascots can be worn with many styles of attire; including:


Double breast suits
Regular suits
Sports jackets
button down shirts
V-neck sweaters
Smoking/Lounging jacket

 Just to name a few.

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Unlike bow ties and the basic neck tie, men's ascot ties can be acceptably worn for dressy black suit occasions as well as a casual get together. Observe the pictures below:

  buy ascot ties  where to buy ascot



Because ascot ties have lasting stylish effects, yours will become a valued heirloom that you'll pass down through the generations. Having them as a distinguished part of your wardrobe sets you apart from all other men. No matter the occasion, you're guaranteed to take center stage when wearing this one of a kind piece of artistic tailoring.


Statistics show that quality available men are becoming more and more scarce. Because of this, women have become more discerning in their choice of suitors. Your taste in wardrobe attire will be that extra push in your favor among the opposite sex. Not to mention the level of intimidation you present to other men by boldly placing yourself above and beyond them. Because ascot ties are not readily available in your average shops, you'll position yourself as someone who takes great care in what and where you go to find your clothing.

 In summing up the review of Ascots ties, I would say the only negative is they don't come in wacky designs such as cartoon characters or prints with fish, puppies, etc. But that's not what Ascots are about. They're reserved for a select crowd who want to dress the part that gets results. There are scores of regular ties on the market to fill your other desires, but ascots are in a class by themselves. So go ahead and make your selections below and join the ranks of nobility and sophistication. You can shop with ease knowing that you get Amazon's assurance of quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction

Take some time and read the articles on the site

They give helpful hints on tying and color matching to name a few. You will go away highly informed about neck ties and how to wear them. Click on the link: Ascot dress and neck ties

Read what others are saying

Actual Testimonial:


I was a bit hesitant to purchase this ascot, as I've heard Polyester is not the way to go. I did purchase a silk one prior to this one, and was a bit disappointed that it constantly came loose and needed to be readjusted often. I am really happy with this one ! It is a beautiful color and works really nice with a cream suit and white shirt, and the knot stays in place perfectly, will definitely order more to add to my wardrobe. 

Jamrul Miah 


For the die-hard tie purest click here to get your neckties

Whether the event is  mid-day, evening, house party, wedding, club scene, social gathering or just a normal out and about tour around town,ascot ties will accompany you and place you in the category of the envied. Go ahead and click on the links below the pictures and begin or continue making the right stylish decisions about how you choose to showcase yourself to the world They are not just neck wear, they're collections of art!

No need to scroll back up. The price is so nice, we had to display it twice! 

Many Are Now On Sale! Get Yours Today

 Only $12.95












 I bought this for a costume. It's a very nice, classy ascot!

Whitney Nelson



























 This is a terrific ascot---I'm always wearing it.
Goes great with *any* color shirt.

Matthew Davidson, Mill brook, NY



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This silk printed ascot by boxed-gifts looks smart and snazzy with my fancier clothes when I dress up for a party or even a somewhat less formal occasion. The way it puffs out makes it appear very classy and that's excellent. This ascot gives a formal and sophisticated look to a man's appearance so I wouldn't advise wearing this with a T-shirt and jeans! Whatever you decide, don't be fooled--this may not be the most popular necktie for gents, but wow, how it looks GREAT when I wear it to a holiday office party in a hotel or if I am going out to dinner in a fancy restaurant.

It's not tied exactly the same way as you would tie a regular tie; but then again it's not that different, either. You'll learn how to tie it without much difficulty.

Although this ascot comes in brown and red, the more conservative choices are blue and black; blue and black will probably go with the widest variety of outfits you could wear. Of course, you might want brown or red depending on the colors of the outfit you want to wear it with.

Give this ascot serious consideration when choosing a necktie, guys! It's very classy, not that hard to tie, and it looks extremely sophisticated without a doubt. It's an excellent alternative to a regular gentleman's tie

Matthew G Sherwin

I bought this about two months ago. I bought the light blue one, it is a few feet long and at first complicated to tie. But then I stopped being an idiot and go the right method. I wear it with gray and white, tucked in. The reactions are mostly mixed. At my school the more conservative guys will call it gay, almost all women will like it, and the more normal guys will appreciate the class. I wear it tucked in and I think it looks awesome. The material is pretty light, perfect for summer or spring. To be honest, the first I wore it, i was embarrassed, but don't be. You'll stand out to others and really make an impression! I am right about to buy my second as well.

Daniel Hamilton, Ohio 

I love this look, the women love it and men hate on you. If you don't mind standing out and looking good this is for you, if not stick with a tie. Great quality and gets a lot of attention.

Playa Hate, Orlando FL